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Take the management and protection of your site or facility seriously with the secure monitoring that the Orion Network provides. Including the remote site management of assets, access ways, fences, doors, and staff members. Real time visibility of all movements on and off the site ensure that every item of value can be accounted for.

All Active Farm Solutions products are insurance approved and as a consequence you could qualify for discounts on your farm insurance, click for more information.

Rural Crime Report 2018

In 2017 rural crime cost the UK


In 2017 the cost of rural crime increased by


The cost of rural crime is at its highest since 2013. However the picture isn’t quite the same in every part of the UK. In Scotland in particular, the cost of rural crime continues to fall. The North East has also seen a decline in the cost of theft, while Wales, the Midlands and South East have seen sharp increases.

Cost in 2016 Cost in 2017 % Change
East £5.6m £5.7m 1.3%
Midlands £6.7m £8.8m 31.8%
North East £7.3m £6.8m -6.5%
North West £2.8m £3.4m 21.6%
Northern Ireland £2.5m £2.6m 5.3%
Scotland £1.6m £1.5m -3.8%
South East £5.9m £7.6m 30.4%
South West £5.6m £5.9m 5.3%
Wales £1.3m £1.9m 41.4%
Cost to the UK £39.2m £44.5m 13.4%

Source: NFU Mutual | Rural Crime Report 2018

How does Active Farm Solutions Benefit Farming?

41,107 cows were slaughtered in England, Scotland and Wales just from tuberculosis related illness from August 2016-July 2017 and millions of poultry, sheep and pigs die each year from preventable disease, fire and flooding. With our ActiveHerd™ boluses you can monitor bovine temperature changes to detect diseases like BVD and TB, in individual cows, before they show outward signs, to prevent infection spreading to the whole herd. You can also monitor feed quality and stress factors like overheating, housing density and barrier feed-point overcrowding. IoT-enabled temperature, fire and flood detection sensors can prevent poultry death from disease and natural disaster.

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