Simple, powerful technologies give farmers a detailed, full-scale view of assets, equipment, and livestock.
Get a clear picture of what’s happening on the ground with constant data sent to connected devices 24/7.

Monitor, track and recover with the help of smart digital tools

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Highly-effective monitoring, tracking, and recovery of farm equipment/ assets

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Notifications when anything is out of the norm

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GPS tracking collars for grazing livestock
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Five kilometer tracking range
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Readings on temperature, gas, humidity, pH, smoke detection, water & fuel levels

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Bolus for constant livestock temperature monitoring

Farms of the future will use smart technology to secure their assets

Active Farm Solutions’ smart agriculture security and herd management solutions give you a unique, granular, whole-farm view. 

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A system of tags, sensors, pressure pads, gateways, and cutting- edge herd management tools combine to create a digital ecosystem which can be remotely monitored in real-time. This empowers immediate response to security breaches, asset and equipment tampering, livestock status and location, and crop management.

Rural Crime Report 2020

In 2019 rural crime cost the UK


In 2019 the cost of rural crime increased by


For the second year running, the sharp rise was driven by thefts of high-value tractors, quad bikes and other farm vehicles. Livestock theft also increased in 2019, with organised gangs taking large numbers of sheep, which are thought to be entering the food chain illegally.

Cost in 2019% Change from 2018
North East£8.6m0.4%
South East£8.7m0.6%
South West£6.6m14%
North West£3.5m3.5%
Northern Ireland£3.3m18%

Source: NFU Mutual | Rural Crime Report 2020

How does Active Farm Solutions Benefit Farming?

41,107 cows were slaughtered in England, Scotland and Wales just from tuberculosis related illness from August 2016-July 2017 and millions of poultry, sheep and pigs die each year from preventable disease, fire and flooding. With our ActiveHerd™ boluses you can monitor bovine temperature changes to detect diseases like BVD and TB, in individual cows, before they show outward signs, to prevent infection spreading to the whole herd. You can also monitor feed quality and stress factors like overheating, housing density and barrier feed-point overcrowding. IoT-enabled temperature, fire and flood detection sensors can prevent poultry death from disease and natural disaster.

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