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Orion Data Network

The Orion Data Network is a system of active Radio Frequency Identification and GPS technologies combined with tags, gateways and IoT-enabled sensors. The covert, weatherproof tags attach to vehicles, equipment, gates, fencing and walls, with specially designed collars and boluses for livestock. The gateway plugs into your farmhouse for network coverage of 5km, giving you real-time data feedback and instant alerts on the status of your entire farm.

Save 30% on farm insurance with Orion Asset Tracking & Security solutions.

Do you wish you could mitigate the risk of loss and damage from thieves and vandals, livestock and crop disease, cybercriminals and unleashed dogs? How much money could you save with a 30% discount on your insurance premiums?

Active Farm Solutions Farm and Livestock Security and Herd Management Solutions monitor your farm site and assets: equipment, outbuildings, crops, fuel and livestock, in real time over our secure Orion Data Network. You can detect livestock and crop disease early, track and recover lost and stolen equipment and secure your rural business, home and workers.

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