Our Products

Cattle Colar

GPS Cattle Collar

  • Signal sent every 15 minutes your livestock management dashboard
  • Ease of identification and secure access to herd information anytime, from anywhere
  • Geofencing capability with alerts for unusual movements
  • Protection from theft and organised crime
  • Accurate stock count capability with less manpower

Bolus Herd Management Solution

  • Actionable insights into health, breeding, and performance
  • Personally check the status of even large and dispersed herds
  • Remote access to data, which can be extended to vets & scientists
  • Temperature baseline takes normal fluctuations into account
  • Individual temperature monitoring of every animal
  • Data-inspired decision making for increased productivity and profits
Dual Infrared Beams

100m Dual Infrared Beam

  • Battery-powered
  • Long-range and Flexible Positioning
  • Cover spaces such as access points, large yards, machinery or livestock buildings
  • Create virtual perimeter protection around grazing areas or remote locations
  • Easy to install and are designed to report seamlessly

BB3 Tracker Tag

  • Battery-powered tag, which offers simple installation in mobile farm machinery and trailers
  • Motion-activated GPS
  • Trackable & Recoverable
  • No monthly connection fees for tracker
  • Full recovery service is available for small annual fee

Tailored farm visibility – delivered to your personal dashboard 

Active Farm Solutions’ agricultural solutions deliver reports to a user-friendly dashboard, which you can access remotely from connected smart devices. This powers your response to alerts and gives you a full-farm overview – from safety and security to livestock health – any time of the day or night.

Control Hub

Orion Network Control Hub

  • Enables control of all farm devices
  • Different models available for various levels of connectivity
  • Unique web portal access allows you to access, control and monitor all devices
  • Real-time data feedback and instant alerts on the status of devices in your network
Door and Gate Sensor

Orion Door and Gate Sensor

  • Weatherproof and battery powered
  • The unit can be installed inside or outside, or on farm gate in a remote location
  • Can be positioned anywhere within your network
  • Battery life in the unit is three to five years

BB5 Tracker Tag

  • Brings additional GSM coverage over the BB3 tag
  • Motion-activated GPS and GSM
  • Simple installation in mobile farm machinery and trailers
  • Weather-sealed and has a four-year battery life

4G CCTV Camera

  • Pan & Tilt through App
  • IR Night vision
  • 4G Connectivity
  • Mains and Solar Powered models available


  • Orion Network-compatible
  • Uses efficient LED technology
  • Low profile design (44mm)
  • IP66 rated
  • Choice of lenses: Amber, Blue, Clear or Red


  • Twin Piezo Sounders Producing 115dB(A)
  • IP65 Sealed Electronics Module
  • Lid & WallTamper Detection
  • Patented Engineer Hold-O Mode
  • Range of Colours Available
  • Battery Monitoring with Fault Output